Naturopath and skin expert, Charmaine D, has formulated a skincare line called Cell Defence. Cell Defence is a high performing, botanically based skincare program formulated with an understanding and belief of the concept that plant ingredients are far safer, gentler and better for human health than synthetic chemicals. It was this belief that initiated the formulation of Cell Defence and for it to be crafted from the infusion of all things pure in plant chemistry. A chemical free product prepared in line with the Do No Harm guidelines of a Naturopath. Treat the cause don’t band-aid the issue. The major differentiation of this skincare line is its combination of pure, active ingredients which are jam-packed into every formulation. Each preparation is synergistically combined to work together in harmony with your own skin. When purchasing a skincare product individuals need to be confident in the knowledge that the product’s ingredients will work harmoniously with their skin’s requirements. With this in mind, Cell Defence is backed by a Naturopath that has had her own skincare clinic for over 25 years.

Although always beneficial, how we apply the products onto our skin may have the ability to increase the benefits. For example, after cleansing your face with the Hibiscus Flower Foaming Cleansing Gel, and toning your face with the Skin Saviour Toner, applying the next product; Lilac Rebalancing Plant Stem Cell Serum through gentle tapping may increase the product’s benefits, and may ensure the skin absorbs it more thoroughly, allowing for penetration at a cellular level.

Tapping is more commonly associated with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, and used for emotional release and energy rebalancing. Under the belief that energy and emotions can become trapped and stagnant in the face. This treatment has been used on people suffering with anxiety and is similarly associated with acupressure and massage.

Therefore, tapping of a plant-based, healing product into the skin on our face may not only provide benefits from the botanically-based skincare, but also provide a relaxing routine, and potential emotional release.

Performing any routine mindfully, ensuring all action is rooted in grace and self-care, can significantly increase it’s benefits, from eating mindfully, to moving our body mindfully. It is therefore plausible that applying our skincare mindfully and with grace can transform the usually rushed, mundane chore, to a time of self-care and meditation.

Though EFT has trigger points and correct methods, tapping product into your skin does not need to be so strict. For a brief introduction to tapping, see the video of a Cell Defence customer tapping her serum into her skin. With no right or wrong way, just ensure to tap gently. This customer is a long-term client of Naturopath, Charmaine D, and has been suffering from histamine and hormone-induced acne. By utilising these botanically-based, gentle skincare products, she has found an increase in skin health and moisture-retention, as well as scar reducing and soothing. She also states the process of tapping her products every morning and evening has created a mindful ritual that resets her headspace. She also states that the tapping may be helping her circulation and prevent stagnation to her lymphatic system (see lymphatic blog).

For acne healing and lowering histamines it is recommended by Charmaine D to use the Lilac Rebalancing Serum for the full face. For a boost under the eyes, it is recommended to use the Saffron Eye Firming Serum. All of the Cell Defence serums benefit from being tapped into the skin gently and with care.

For more information on the skincare program or Charmaine D’s naturopathic and skincare expertise, book a consultation online to begin your journey to healing and oneness.