Synergistically driven, Whole Body Immune Booster Program, now available with Charmaine D.  

True immunity: follow Charmaine D’s protocol of thermogenesis – lymphatic and skin support – gut and liver support – in conjunction with boosting immune cells.

The forgotten truths behind true immunity: thermogenesis is the skins ability to support our immunity, through circulation and lymphatic function. This is a simplified, strategic protocol for total body synergistic immunity boosting.

Is the increasing spread of viruses causing you to question whether your personal health can stand up to it? Is your body prepared if you are exposed? Are you prepared to ward off a common cold, flu or other viruses? 

Vitamins may not cut it alone. Taking zinc and vitamin C and eating raw garlic is great but what if you can’t get them? Even if you do pump your body full of these things are you really fully prepared?

Below is Charmaine D’s protocol from the perspective of a naturopath and skin technician of over 25 years’ experience. The protocols follow the naturopathy guidelines.  You should seek further advice from a qualified health care advisor and / or your general practitioner before making any of the suggested changes. You can book a private appointment with Charmaine D to assist you with a plan of action.


  1. Do you have dry skin?

If yes – we will work out a program of products and lifestyle changes to change this. Increasing oils and water within your skin is a priority. Releasing toxic waste is difficult when you have dry and dehydrated skin, as your pores will struggle to open and release. Without this mechanism, your immune system will struggle to rid morbid waste. A personalised strategy will form part of your immune boosting consultation. This will include:

  • Herbal formulations for different strategies like: diaphoretics, lymphatic support, healthy skin support, amongst others.
  • Dry skin brushing protocols
  • Why you should look at rebounding
  • Improving skin micro biome
  • Water therapy
  • Mechanical and manual lymphatic drainage
  • Diet and water intake
  • Exercise Let’s get you sweating properly!!
  • Stress management
  • Support emotions and nervous system issues
  • Gut, liver, kidney, endocrine and circulatory system support, amongst others


  1. Do you have sluggish lymph?

Don’t know? I can teach you about this system. Its important to understand your lymphatic system and how it functions – iridology may shed some light – observation and consultation will also help you get the drift of what your lymphatic system does for you.

Charmaine D performs lymphatic drainage treatments. When a virus has been with you for around 5 days, and its time to rid mucous from your body, it needs your lymphatic system to function optimally. Nasal congestion, sinus function and elimination could become compromised if the lymphatic system is not up to speed. A bacterial infection can take its place in the sinus, ear, nose and / or throat and develop into another form of infection, like bacterial sinusitis.

Clear lymphatic pathways are necessary for your immune system to function properly.


  1. Have you had a lot of past ear, nose and throat infections? Glandular fever or similar?

Possibly your lymph in these areas may be compromised.

How can I assist?

  • Through mechanical movements, lymph pathways can be assisted to reduce congestion.
  • Liquid herbals.
  • Ensuring correct fluid intakes and good food choices.
  • Rebounding if you are physically able to. Short bursts a few times a day.
  • Dry skin brushing and water therapy.


  1. Do you sweat?

Is it just water or water and oil? Without sweating you may not be able rid morbid waste correctly – your immune system may not function optimally. All points in level 3 will assist and also:

  • Using liquid herbal diaphoretics will aid this function but must be individualised.


  1. Do you eat all essential amino acids?
  • Vegan or vegetarian – source a pea protein collagen powder that synthesises the missing ones in plant foods. Amino acids are necessary for immune health. One example without histadine we may not produce natural moisturising factor in our skin – depleted immune system may increase. Without Histadine we may suffer from muscle atrophy – without this your lymph and blood flow may be compromised.  Delivery of oxygen to our cells and removal of toxic waste may not function optimally.
  • Bovine collagen peptides are also a great source for our health and amino acid intake. I have available in my clinic both sources.


  1. Fruits and vegetables

Are you having your two and five? Follow healthy eating guidelines – eat a rainbow of foods daily.
I can supply this information at your consult with me.


  1. Do you have gut issues?

Are your bowel movements regular? If any compromised gut issues are present it is imperative you consult a health adviser – immune system needs your gut to be in great health. Your gut needs your lymphatic system to function optimally. Where there is inflammation and overgrowth in our gut, our immune system will be in competition with a virus. The immune system will struggle as it is fighting other things too.

Individualised protocols can be provided upon consultation.


  1. Ensuring your migrating motor complex is functioning in your gut is important – this sweeps out toxic waste like bacteria die off – I use colostrum or a vegan form of prebiotic in my clinic to assist with this function. Die off when you have infections can cause grief and tiredness this function is necessary to not compromise your immune function.


  1. Vitamin and mineral supplementation may be necessary – this is individualised and the levels required need to be looked at. 

Protocols are including your fat soluble vitamins A,D E and K – water soluble zinc and vitamin C, Bs and iodine (amongst others). 

One size does not fit all – you may end up peeing a lot of it out if you do not need it and that is a waste of your economic supplies. 

  1. If your body is already compromised it may not be time to do full blown gut, liver and kidney detoxification program. Restoration and nourishment of these organs may be of more benefit. This is where qualified advice may be a great choice for you.


  • Enhancing immune health with liquid herbal formulations – available on prescription only. 
  • I have sourced and researched approximately 30 high quality formulations that can be blended together to target your individual needs and requirements of your body to enhance immune health. Apart from the 200 other herbal extracts in the Herbal dispensary that can be synergistically formulated to ensue all points from 1 to 10 are covered where needed. 
  • Herbal preparations are available in tablet form. 
  • Prophylactic herbal formulations for immune support. 
  • Anti-viral, flue formulations and anti bacterial herbal formulations are available to have on hand to assist with decreasing virulence to begin with, and assist in decreasing symptoms so you are more comfortable where possible.


Your next move – Book an immune boosting consultation today online at or phone 0407077134.


Phone consultations may be available to those in isolation.  


Registering as a client with an online consultation form is a once of fee of $15. This will be emailed to you once you have completed your booking.

You will then be set up for all further consultations. Existing naturopath client’s will not incur the one off fee.


March and April 2020 –  $45 for a 30-minute consultations.


Our health is vital – I open late nights and Saturdays to assist booking availabilities.


Please note: Iridology may incur extra charge. Your program will be ticked off and emailed to you. Your suggested protocol will be emailed and discussed in the consult and you can choose to go ahead with some nutritional supplements and herbal formulations suggested. This is not a full in-depth consultation it is centred around your immune system and immune health.  During this consultation, it may become apparent that further consultation is required.  Prescriptions will only be available at Charmaine D. If you purchase elsewhere you will not be able to use Charmaine D’s prescription advice.