Charmaine D is the leading naturopathy based, remedial skin and body clinic in Adelaide. Giving you, the client, a scientific and holistic approach to skin and body advice, and sustainable long-term results, from your treatment protocols. Charmaine D offers corrective, evidenced based treatments, using remedial skin treatment philosophies (Corneotherapy); latest modern non-invasive machines; leading edge bio-organic and compounding skin products, to restore your skin and body back to health.

Charmaine D, with her naturopathic knowledge and counselling training. Combined with over 30 years experience in the industry. Is truly concerned and recognises, self-esteem can plummet when your skin or body is undergoing significant issues. Charmaine D can reveal the core of your issues, and tailor a bespoke treatment protocol, to assist in reversing and restoring your skin and body as a whole back to health. This is achieved with: thorough consultation; using functional medicine techniques; laboratory testing; utilising iridology; bio-impedance analysis; amongst many other naturopathic diagnostic tools available in the clinic. Expert skin and body advice, is now available, for you, the client, requiring whole body synergy, to regain skin homeostasis, for true healthy ageing outside in and inside out.

Located at 60 A Broadway, Glenelg South, South Australia. Skype consultations are available Australia wide for all skin and body concerns. Starting the process to consult with Charmaine D is simple. A free pre-assessment phone call is available to all new clients. Click ‘Book Online’ above to book now.



Charmaine D, empowers her clients to love who they are now, naturally. Charmaine D, encourages you, the client, to improve your skin conditions, without trauma or chemical destruction. Colloquially speaking, growing old gracefully, or with your skin conditions like acne, rosacea and psoriasis, for example, using nature cure protocols, internally and externally combined. Re-assuring that naturally everyone is beautiful, even with a skin condition or early ageing, and with the right protocols in place, changes can occur. You can stimulate natural skin renewal, without living in an unsustainable state of cosmetic enhancements. Charmaine D, also encourages you to look after your health, utilising her naturopathic consultations. It’s a great unique combination to healthy ageing and aiding to reverse your skin conditions. Charmaine D, is your winning formula for healthy ageing, or to understand and begin to correct any skin condition challenges you’re facing. Charmaine D, treats the epidermal layer of your skin as a corneotherapist and the dermal layer as a naturopath. You, the client, can tap into her winning formulation.

What if I don’t want a naturopathic consultation, I just want a facial?

No problems. Charmaine D, offers bespoke skin treatments and also pampering facials, to relax and restore your mind, body and soul. Consultations are not required, prior to your facial or skin treatment. However, a questionnaire and a chat prior to starting your treatment will be necessary.

You can skip the next section and go to treatments available to see a listing of what can be booked online. Or continue to read and understand Charmaine D’s philosophies.



Charmaine D is a corneotherapist and naturopath, read on to understand more.

Charmaine D, has always been passionate about skin and body health with over 25 years of experience as a beauty therapist, skin and body technician. This led her to obtain her Bachelor of health science in naturopathy. Also becoming a member of the AIC as a Corneotherapist.

Charmaine D provides advanced remedial skin treatments using the methodology of corneotherapy. Your skin naturally reflects changes in other cells and systems of your body. A big part of corneotherapy is understanding and appreciating the synergy between the cells and systems of the body, with the health and integrity of the skin epidermis.

Knowing your skin and understanding it is Charmaine D’s philosophy. Aiming to preserve the integrity of the epidermis of your skin at all times. Your skins principal role is the formation of the skin barrier defense systems and all the skin functions are interdependent on each other. If one system is down there is a domino affect on other cells and systems of the barrier defense. Water regulates almost every enzymatic and chemical reaction of your body. Consequently it has an effect on hormones, nutrients, oxygen and antibodies through the blood stream and lymphatic system. Being able to keep your skin hydrated is integral to your barrier function. Charmaine D’s naturopathic skills may assist you in understanding and obtaining this vital function of your body.

Cells and systems of the integument, which is your skin can be categorised into three characteristics Texture, Colour and Secretions. Skin treatments work on these 3 categories.

Charmaine D, treats the epidermal as a corneotherapist and the dermal as a naturopath – for you as a client – your winning formulation. Charmaine D offers expert advice in both fields.

Combining her knowledge of complex skin conditions and advanced treatment methods with her naturopathy training, Charmaine D, is in the unique position to treat your skin concerns from the inside, out. Preservation of the natural function of the skin barrier defense systems is the key to your skin’s health. By assessing the function of your skin and focusing on the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense system, Charmaine D, can address the cause of the skin conditions not merely treat the symptoms. 

Many factors can contribute to the degeneration of your skin, such as environment, genetics or the use of chemical-based products. Charmaine will investigate the root cause of your skin concerns, and work with you to develop a treatment and maintenance program, using her advanced machines and skin care products. 

Charmaine D, encourages that you start the process of consulting with her, or booking a skin treatment or facial, with a free pre-assessment phone call. Talk to Charmaine D about your concerns, and she will set you on the right path straight away. Then you don’t have to read further. However, reading further will give you more insight into how Charmaine D works with you and your condition.

If you would like to know more then keep reading…



Have you heard the term” leaky gut “? As a naturopath Charmaine D, is concerned by the damage caused within the local and systemic microbiome and system dysfunction outcomes. Your skin can be a leaky epidermis, where the stratum corneum has lost its integral function of protection. – This leaky skin barrier can create all forms of possible immune dysfunctions and barrier permeability challenges. Charmaine D integrates naturopathy and corneotherapy working on two systems linked together creating disease processes. Now the two can be addressed and treated in one place.

As a corneotherapist Charmaine D, practices remedial skin treatments via the methodology of corneotherapy, This involves understanding the function of your individual skin and focusing on the repair and maintenance of your skin barrier defense system. Charmaine D addresses the cause of the skin conditions and not merely treats the symptoms. Preservation of the natural function of the skin barrier defense system, is Charmaine D’s key to your skin health, therefore, all skin conditions can be challenged with the correct procedures. Remembering your facial skin, is the end of the blood circulation. Therefore oxygen delivery in vivo is limited. Combine this with degeneration of your skin through environmental and stressors like: disease; emotional trauma; chemically based skincare regimes with ingredients working against the synergy of the skins environment; onslaught of harmful invasive treatments and injections of products not compatible to your own skin microbiome health; all hypothetically linked to skin ischemia.



Reveal: Charmaine D, will partner with you through a skin assessment. That’s where you will be assisted, through questions and assessment to know what’s needed to enhance and bring changes to your current skin condition or healthy ageing process. Where is your health in relation to your skin condition? Where is your skin state presently and why? Charmaine D utilises a timeline approach with her assessments. All body systems require the skin to be their first port of call to protect them, and your skin health relies on your body systems to work in unison. Hence why skin health is vital for your total health, and vice versa.

Reverse: Once we know what we are dealing with, through assessment, protocols can be introduced to aid in the reversal process, and nurse your skin back to a healthy state. This takes time and commitment from Charmaine D and yourself working in unison. Reversal is a word that means to restore your skin to true health for your current age and situation. Many issues may need to be dealt with including hormonal, environmental, psychological, physiological, to enable reversal to begin its process.

Restore: Yes, that’s the answer to everyone’s problem. Everyone promises in adds, media messages, this will restore your skins health. Skin renewal needs restoration of your mitochondrial cell health, and developing homeostasis within your body systems. Restoration is a process. Your DNA of your cells is a key. The meaning from the English Collins dictionary for DNA is, “an acid in the chromosomes in the centre of the cells of living things”. Charmaine D, recognises the meaning of your DNA as “your Divine natural alignment”. Charmaine D, works with what you have, what she can change or not change and aims to bring about homeostasis, to your body and skins health.



Skin challenges that can be addressed in Charmaine D’s clinic and by skype are: Rosacea; Acne; Scarring; Pigmentation; Hyper-keratinisation; Glycation; Sensitive and reactive skin; dermatitis (many forms); psoriasis; eczema; actinic keratosis and chellitis; withdrawals from oral contraception, roaccutane and anti-biotics; peri-oral and peri-orbital; amongst others.

Skin treatments and facials are therapeutic and you don’t need to have challenges to have them. Restoring good skin barrier and enhancing natural moisturising factors are a good reason to book a treatment today, and no consultation is required prior, except a client history form pre-filled out and a quick chat about your treatment requirements.

Want to tap into Charmaine D’s naturopathy education?

Prior assessment is necessary to enable correct informed naturopathy and corneotherapy advice for your internal and external health. Establishing a full bespoke protocol will be advantageous for healthy ageing of all body systems, including your skin.

Body Treatment assessments follow the same protocols. Iridology, and Body composition along with functional testing for essential fatty acids levels and food sensitivities, micro-biome and system health analogy are added options.



Choose between a full naturopathy consultation and this will cover your skin and body treatment requirements plus any other health concerns that need to be addressed for your whole body health and synergistic benefits of systems working in unison with each other. Best, healthy ageing protocol available to you in Adelaide.


Skin health consultation – this provides you with a full analysis of your skin health from an internal and external valuation read more down further.

After assessment you will be provided:

  • Your bespoke treatment program
  • Simple skin regime protocols using compounding skin regimes tailored specifically for your condition, advanced bioorganic cosmeceutical products, including plant stem-cell based ingredients.
  • Maintenance and ongoing results driven education.
  • You can then attend your treatments and receive ongoing education through tapping into Charmaine D’s knowledge and receive hints and tips for further enhancement, all whilst having your treatments.



Price structure:

  • Initial skin and body assessments are $149 for 75 min. required when more systems of the body are affecting your skin health.
  • Receive 5% discount on treatment packages with paid assessments.
  • Follow up consultations are $65 for 30 min.
  • Advised one week after initial, to set your 6 month program with repeat prescriptions. Delivering your bespoke protocol and gain further information as required.
  • 10 minutes will be allocated at no charge with each skin and body treatment to access your progress. The advantage of a naturopath performing your treatments.
  • Ongoing consultations may be required if certain challenging skin or body conditions have arisen and need more attention to detail. A sustainable package program will be set up in these situations. POA

The combinations are unlimited when offering bespoke programs. As a naturopath Charmaine D, has the ability to use her talents in cosmetic chemistry to tailor makes products when required also using her new “Your Herbal Remedy bar” to assist with liquid herbal formulations and prescription only nutritional supplements.

Skin health consultations are $105 for 60 minutes (NO follow up fees):

  • A consultation form emailed prior to appointment – on arrival we will analyse your skin closely under bright lights. A verbal consultation will then ask leading questions towards planning how to work with your condition or for your healthy ageing processes. A program of treatments will be discussed.
  • A skincare regime suited for you will be discussed and planned out utilising your existing products and suggested replacements. You may have your favourites and this is ok.
  • Suggested nutraceuticals, and western herbal formulations will be part of many protocols. Everything is your choice.
  • You then have the decision to take on board and change your skin condition for the better or forward moving towards healthy ageing you deserve and can have, chemically and trauma free.
  • Iridology is available for $40 additional.
  • Tests like omega 3 – important for skin health – is available for $65.
  • Sensitivity tests using hair or saliva are also available.

Don’t want to receive naturopathy advice. Not a problem Charmaine D is happy to see you as a skin therapist – and treat your skin externally only. Her passion has always been to care for and relax her clients and this will never change. You will still need to fill out a consultation card prior to your treatment.

Click ‘Book Online’ above to book your pre-assessment phone call today, to determine your requirements



Utilising the latest techniques and technology including:

  • Dermabrasion using formulations like fruit enzymes and natural sugar and blueberry extracts, with a diamond tip, oxygen probe for skin exfoliation at its best.
  • Oxygen peel and sculpt therapy: infusing bioorganic phyto stem cells into your skin, utlising the hair follicle for delivery, to renew your skin cell cycle for healthy ageing.
  • Biomesosculpture: a non-invasive method of mechanical lymphatic drainage. Amazing technology for assisting the blood circulation to deliver nutrients into your cells for health, and removing toxic waste accumulation from your lymphatic system, preventing toxic release through the glands of your skin. Used in every facial and skin treatment unless contra-indicated.
  • Enzyme therapy: a non-invasive method of unique blends of products delivering minerals, vitamins and nutrition to your skin surface, enhancing the skin barrier function.
  • Radio frequency: a non-invasive method of heat wave to stimulate cell health. Cell health leads to great elasticity and collagen production naturally. Long term benefits with continual use.
  • LED: light therapy for assisting healthy cell growth though photron rejuvenation.
  • Ultrasonic wave infusion: assists delivery of skin vitamins and minerals to aid the skin barrier function to work optimally.
  • Hollywood lift: was a craze a few years ago. Now its recognised as a must protocol for healthy ageing. Why? As the facial skin relies on muscle integrity to hold it in place. This treatment with the pads methodically place can enhance muscle integrity therefore keeping the skin from sagging due to atrophy of the muscle. Electrical pules stimulate the nerves in the muscle to contract. With this in mind, it is advised not to undergo this treatment with current Botox injections in place, but can be started 3 months after your last injection.
  • Cosmeceutical, bio-organic and natural, chemical free skin products are utilised to their best advantage all throughout the treatments with machines.



Products used in clinic:

  • Phyto stem range: bio- organic delivering true micronised plant stem cell therapy for any condition, specifically targeting healthy ageing and circulation for ischemic skin conditions. Salon and at home use.
  • Centelia range: individualised bioorganic skin care range with amazing rejuvenation properties for aiding the correction of many skin and body concerns. for salon and at home use.
  • Organic nation: from earth to you – beautifully formulated, beautifully fragranced naturally for the soul.
  • Aspect: full range of peel treatments including lactic, and vitamin A. This range is not chemically free, however there are times that this is a requirement of the skin to reverse a condition and then revamp with non-chemical procedures afterwards. Aspect formulation allows restoration of the ph of the skin, therefore a great way to enhance your healthy ageing or aiding skin condition renewal. 



Standard protocols for each skin treatments include:

  • A neck and shoulder massage whilst your mask is setting, approx. 10 minutes (or hands and feet if preferred)
  • Mindfulness and a holistic approach creating relaxation as a key to restoration
  • Lymphatic drainage unless contra-indicated
  • Extractions including blackheads, milia, cysts and hormonal toxic breakouts assisted as necessary. Anti-bacterial LED blue light applied after all extractions – POA.



Skin conditions treated by Charmaine D include:

Healthy ageing:

  • stimulating collagenesis
  • muscle integrity
  • lack of elasticity
  • fine skin
  • thickened –porous skin
  • dead dull lifeless – no glow skin
  • double chin issues
  • eye area – darkness – puffiness – skin thinning
  • sagging jowls
  • plus many more

Other skin conditions treated:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles
  • Dry, dehydrated itchy skin conditions
  • Capillary fragility, red heated skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Congested skin
  • Thickened and porous skin
  • Acne – teenage, hormonal, menopausal, environment or mechanically caused.
  • Rosacea – environmental, acne, trauma induced, gut dysfunction cause.
  • Actinic keratinosis
  • Psoriasis – auto-immune consideration
  • Dermatitis all forms 
  • Eczema environmental – systemic – genetic
  • Lymphatic congestion 




LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE face/neck sessions (standalone) – $65 for 30 minutes

Aids in removing a double chin challenge also; – so many relate well to this if it’s always been a challenge. Used for acne congested skin challenges with sluggish lymphatics.

Packages are highly recommended – $250 for 5 treatments


Charmaine D’s signature skin treatment $155 for 70 minutes

This is a bespoke protocol using her machines listed above in your bespoke program developed at your skin consultation. Entirely based on your personal skin requirements; only bio organic including stem cells from grape seed oil, lilac, saffron, gotu kola and others as specific infusions with oxygen and sound wave; all equipment available is utilised in this protocol as required; dermabrasion; oxygen pump and spray; ultra sonic wave infusion; LED; lymphatic drainage; radio frequency. This is the most popular treatment with her existing clientele.

Assessment is a must for this treatment – $95 sets you up for 6 months of internal and external advice whilst having your treatments – some follow ups may be required depending on your specific concerns.

Signature skin treatment packages available for 5 for $650


40 min for $85 or 60 min for $115

Going out for a special event or just for you – a great choice. Circulation and oxygen is a necessity for skin health and life.

Treatment includes: Dermabrasion using fruit enzymes and a diamond tip; – phyto stem cell serum application with pulsed oxygen infusion; and finishing with mineral oxygen spray. 60 minutes includes a rejuvenating peel off hydration mask.



Exfoliation with a choice suitable to your skin condition; serum infusion for enhancing blackhead and congestion removal with or without skin extractions; lilac stem cell oxygen infusion; Lymphatic drainage with camphor product; LED blue light therapy.

Packages are highly recommended at $475 for 5 treatments



Enhanced with oxygen therapy to finish with.

30-minute rejuvenation and uplifting therapy for busy people – $85.

Or a package of 3 for $210.



To assist with healthy ageing $105 for 40 minutes.

40 minutes includes; plant stem cell infusion with oxygen and specialised mineral and herbal infusions for elastin and collagen promotion with radio frequency ice wave application for 30 minutes.



Lift and firming treatment enabling the 108 facial muscles to be stimulated in one treatment by electrical nerve impulses.

$75 per treatment or packages of 5 for $310 – packages of 10 for $590.



$130 – 60 minutes, including 10 min analysis

See above list for all the reasons you would choose this treatment.

  • Includes fruit enzyme and diamond dermabrasion: phyto stem cell serum delivered through oxygen pump; lymphatic drainage and mineral delivery through oxygen spray; and a phyto delivery of nutrients through mask application. Standard protocols for each treatment are included.
  • extractions and facial hair tidy and tinting are extra costs



Restoring the micro-biome of your skin – 40 minute – $75 / 60 minutes – $105 

  • All products used in this treatment protocol will be hand-picked for your skin condition
  • Treatment will be tailored using facilities available to enhance reversal of the unbalanced skin condition
  • Lymphatic drainage will form part of each treatment protocol unless contra-indicated.
  • Protocols may include: manual cleansing and exfoliation; oxygen infusion of serums: manual gentle extractions; capillary flush; lymphatic drainage; mask application: neck shoulder massage; pressure point facial massage using regenerating purifying serums; spray oxygen using minerals; finished with a moisturiser, gel, sunblock as required.
  • A previous skin consultation is advisable.



Specific condition skin treatment $125 for 60 minutes including 10 minute analysis

  • Exfoliation process – for skin condition
  • Treatment of serums and masks infused with oxygen pump
  • Oxygen mineral delivery through spray oxygen
  • Photo rejuvenation through LED mask therapy – chosen for your condition

Packages for 5 are $550 paid on the first treatment


BASE PRICING FOR SKIN TREATMENTS (prices may vary depending on treatment):

Skin treatments have a base price as follows:

  • $95 for 40 minutes
  • $125 for 60 minutes
  • $155 for 75 minutes