Introducing Your Herbal Remedy Bar.

NOT FEELING 100%? SICK, TIRED, RUNDOWN? Your Herbal Remedy bar is the new natural way to get back on track – fast! Our personalised remedies consist of prescription-only pharmaceutical-grade natural medicines, dispensed as needed to assist with any ‘everyday ailment’ health concerns. Grab your remedy on the go, and get back to health!

Everyday Ailment Consults – Get Help Now!

Woke up sick or under the weather?

Charmaine D can help you NOW to assist you to move through your day more positively. Don’t go through your day burdened if you don’t need to.

Everyday Ailment Consults can be done by phone, zoom (or similar), or in clinic.

Why Do I Need An Everyday Ailment Consult?

Why feel ‘under the weather’, when you could fell a lot better with assistance from a naturopath?

I call it a chance to get through your day feeling better than you do when you woke up. and Why Not?

Why go through the day feeling sick or tired or anxious or nervous, when you could feel so much better with assistance?

See the list below for some examples of how an Everyday Ailment Consult may assist you today! 

Already a naturopath client? Well, we are ready to go! Just book online now. 

Not a client of Charmaine D yet? That’s ok, book on-line and a form will be sent to you to fill out.
Fill out the ‘Everyday Ailment Consultation’ section, and you are on the way to having a better day.

It is of upmost importance that we gather some vital information about you and your condition before going ahead with dispensing your remedy.

This is why we ask you to fill out the intake form, and also to attend (in person or via phone/skype) a brief 20 minute Everyday Ailment Consultation. 

During this time, I will endeavour to get to the bottom of your situation and prescribe a personalised herbal remedy for you.

I may also offer suggestions for extra vitamins or minerals, and diet and lifestyle advice, if time permits during your consultation.  

Any extra prescriptions may be added in at additional costs, and you will have a choice to take them to assist in your recovery.

I look forward to helping you resolve your health concerns, and getting you back to health, fast!

Everyday Ailments We Address

To be followed up with ongoing treatment if needed


Pimples/Cysts, Puffy, Dry/Flakey, Dehydrated, Redness, Flushing, Spider/Insect Bite, Hives, Allergy Rash, Urticarial, Rosacea, Flare Up Eczema, Dermatitis , Cold Sores, Cracked Dry Sore Lips, plus more.


Oedema, Puffy Ankles, Fluid Retention, Sore Muscles/Joints, Sciatic/Nerve Pain, Shin Splint, Broken Or Fractured Sore Ribs, Weak/Splitting Nails, Quick Weight/Fluid Reduction, Urinary/Vaginal/Bowel Infections, Detox Program, Haemorrhoids, Intestinal Worms, Food Poisoning, and so much more.


Headache/Migraine/Dull Throb, Dizziness, Shingles, Herpes Virus, Genital Herpes Outbreak, Glandular Fever, Viral/Bacterial Or Fungal Infections, Colds/Flu, Candida/Thrush, Hayfever, Sinus Issues, Tinnitus, Earache/Infection, Eye Infection, Reflux, Heartburn, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Flatulence, Fistula, Painful Menstruation, Missed Menstrual Cycle, Pregnant, Nausea, Dizziness, Vertigo, Jet Lag Prevention/Reset, Insomnia, Shift Work, and more.


Memory Issues, Poor Concentration, Exam Assistance, Anxious/Can’t Leave House, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue, Increased Energy, Irritability/Bad Tempered, Heart Broken, Poor Memory, Drug Addiction Support, Quit Smoking, Reduce Alcohol, Bach Flower Remedies.