A mantra that I live by is “Your history does not have to determine your destiny”. Life experiences can be extremely beneficial when utilised to benefit others. As a naturopath I utilise my past experiences and health issues, including destroying my own body, soul and mind, to assist others on their road to recovery.

My goal as a teenager was to be an accountant. Circumstances changed when my father became terminally ill with cancer. At age 15 I left school so that I could work to support myself financially. I have always had to work hard. Married at age 20 and gifted with 3 beautiful children, at age 26, I launched into the health Industry with a weight loss program. At age 33, I qualified as a beauty therapist and within three years I had my own clinic. This destroyed me – I was working over 80 hours a week and my life was spiralling out of control. I became a person that just wasn’t me – 40 kilos overweight, no sleep, and a failing marriage and rarely had quality family time. I was miserable, even though I was a successful business entrepreneur.

I knew everything in my life had to change. The beauty industry was crashing around me. I did not want to become part of the cosmetic enhancement industry, because it is not what I stand for. I wanted to follow my passion for helping people with skin conditions and preventing the ageing process from creeping up too quickly.

How could I do this and stay in business and enjoy my work? Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine became my answer. 

At age 55 I graduated from Endeavour College with a Bachelor of Health and Science in naturopathy and merged my previous business, Beauty Connection, with naturopathy. 

Now I love my life. I know who I am, and what my goals are. I have lost 42 kilos by incorporating the principles of naturopathy into my own life, including eating practices and exercise. I understand the importance of living a balanced life.

I love working with my clients to achieve healthy lifestyles and healthy ageing. My philosophy to “do no harm” can be experienced by those who choose to work with me as a team. I pride myself on having empathy and listening to my client’s story, and continually learning from research and experiences.

I develop personalised programs for people seeking to undertake a journey to wellbeing and ageing well, as naturally as possible.



By recognising your individuality and establishing a complete picture of your internal and external environment, I can effectively target the root cause of your health concerns. Through a 4-phase protocol involving discovery, education, treatment and maintenance, I focus on restoring homeostasis within your cells, tissues, organs and body systems. By combining evidence-based naturopathy and corneotherapy, and utilising the latest treatment methods and techniques, true homeostasis can be achieved for a healthier ageing process for all individuals. 



What does this mean to you?

Charmaine D’s treatment protocols for healthy ageing or any skin or body condition that needs attention, including: non-invasive treatments using chemical free products; advanced mechanical machines; combined with diagnostic modalities within the clinic – avoiding at all times interfering with the body’s natural functional capacity and healing process, enhancing healthy ageing and aiding the reversing disease processes.

Naturopathic principles embedded into skin and body treatments enhance self-cure and living in harmony with nature to give the body an opportunity to repair and heal itself, or better still enhance healthy ageing processes.



Rid Accumulation of morbid matter is your skin and body accumulating morbid matter or toxins. Lymphatic drainage is included in each treatment protocol and aids in allowing waste removal and generating true oxygen within cell membranes enhancing natural regeneration of cell growth.

Nature is the greatest healer. Bio-organic products provide your skin with “food as medicine” for your cell renewal and ongoing energy provision. Chemicals added into products cause the cell to use a large amount of its energy ridding the chemical that is not compatible to your cell membranes. Doesn’t make sense to continue pouring chemicals on your skin daily, does it?

Do no harm. How will this enhance your results? A wide range of skin and body treatments available today tend to cause harm and trauma. Which does entice new collagen production, but is this a sustainable collagen or trauma induced? How often do you need to traumatise to reestablish even more new collagen? Our bodies were remarkably developed to renew after damage. Was this the way we were meant to grow old gracefully? This is for you to research and establish for yourself. As a clinic enhancing natural remedies with machines that cause no invasive trauma, Charmaine D can only describe the benefits achieved in her clinic, and this is through no trauma, do no harm and as follows:

Identify and treat the cause. Synergy between your skin and body requirements, and a bespoke program of product and treatment choices, are required to create energetics within your cell membranes. Enhancing results driven benefits. Short and long term is Charmaine D’s goal for your ongoing healthy ageing skin and body. Reducing the disease process whilst enhancing natural healing processes.

Educating, the doctor as teacher protocol from ancient historical inclusions. Teaching clients to understand their body as a whole is an important aspect that Charmaine D considers in all treatment protocols. As your skin and body technician you also tap into her naturopathic skills to enhance positive synergistically driven results.



Glycation is a good example of where naturopathic skills will aid this process.

See Blog for more information. Are you are seeing cross-linked lines forming on your facial skin? You need to tap into Charmaine D’s knowledge and receive aids to assist reversal of this process. You will need internal and external protocols. It is simply put a form of diabetes of your skins elastin and needs addressing by someone like Charmaine D who has advanced her knowledge in this field.



Specialised bio-organic and chemical free products.

Results driven non-invasive equipment for assisting skin and body conditions like: Acne; rosacea; psoriasis, eczema; pigmentation; glycation; actinic keratinisation; premature wrinkles and lines; ageing naturally or disease driven amongst many other skin conditions. 

Charmaine D is also results driven in assisting recovery for body challenges like excess adipose tissue; stretch marks; loose and ageing body skin; cellulite and accumulation of fibrous tissue causing oedema; and accumulation of toxic waste in the dermal matrix of the skin.


How does avoiding chemicals aid your skins and body long term health?

You are looking for the cells within your skins structure, to utilise to their best ability, everything that is infused into your skin during your treatments. This creates a change in the mitochondrial health and production of future cell enhancement for healthy ageing. When you have a particular skin condition your cells require a healing process to occur for regeneration of the matrix region to be able to protect and prevent future onslaught of the condition underlying.

Non–chemical based cosmeceutical skin and body constituents found in our bio organic phyto stem cell serums, for example, will hypothetically stay within your cell membrane for a longer periods of time due to the compatibility with its surroundings. Whereas, the cell membrane will not find a chemical product compatible and will use a large part of its energy to rid the chemical from its membrane, therefore taking with it all the active ingredients you infused. Hence bio-organic, non-chemical products hang around longer and do not deplete the cell membrane of energy hypothetically speaking. Enhancing the ability of the cell to use all its energy for improving and maintaining its DNA. For you the client of Charmaine D, this means great cell production and healthy ageing hypothetically speaking. Cells have regenerating capacity, even though we do have to face natural ageing processes, we can aid in stimulating cell renewal.

It’s not just physiological it’s therapeutic also:

Do no harm. Enjoy a therapeutic, skin or body treatment using some of the latest technology in non-invasive machines and products.

De-stress and relax and enjoy your experience. Viewing your treatments as a whole person benefiting from the spiritual and physical experience and the short and long term benefits of skin and body improvements, is Charmaine D’s philosophy.