Charmaine D utilises her education and training, in addition to her natural instincts and intuition, to assist you in transforming your body composition, and any other body concerns or disorders you may be facing.

Tap into her skills in the fields of massage, beauty therapy, corneotherapy and naturopathy to achieve results you require and deserve.

Need assistance with the following conditions? Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Inflammation in your legs or arms?
  • Dimply tissue (cellulite or is it)?
  • Swollen and/or fluid retention in ankles, legs, elsewhere?
  • Bruise easy?
  • Limited exercise ability?
  • Oedema especially when flying?
  • Want to balance your waist to hip measurements?
  • Just not able to get on top of swollen sore tired aching legs?
  • Weight gain? You accept or just don’t understand why?
  • Someone touches your arm and you scream in pain?
  • Sick of fat deposits?
  • Upper abdominal bloating and weight gain?
  • Inflammation with sore to touch tissue?
  • Not being able to live how you want to?
  • Low self esteem?
  • Sick of the “yo-yo pattern” of weight loss and gain, fluid retention, and disorders that don’t completely cease?

The list continues, as we are all individuals experiencing our own challenges. 

Charmaine D has developed body programs utilising her skills and experience developed as a body technician for over 30 years.

  • Providing body composition reports utilising a machine TGA approved for its accuracy in providing correct information. (See further information in blogs)
  • Naturopathic principles used in your bespoke programs (see points of difference)
  • Nutrition and mineral balancing if required
  • Food as medicine using functional medicine for todays living standards and abilities
  • Charmaine D’s well-designed and proven, results-orientated equipment protocols include: radio frequency, fat cavitation, lymphatic drainage and ultra sonic infusions.

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Why would you choose Charmaine D to assist you?


  • Charmaine understands
  • Has correct results-orientated equipment that allows successful results for your bespoke programs
  • Has the ability to encourage you to work with her to obtain your great results
  • You can feel better with her naturopathic knowledge included in your programs
  • Works with a team of experts and refers onto others using her protocols do no harm

Charmaine D provides bespoke programs. Not one size fits all.

Pricing is individual and worked within your budget and time provisions.

Make that pre-assessment phone booking now or read on:

Examples of how Charmaine D can assist your body requirements are below.

Charmaine D encourages you to book your pre-assessment phone call and receive 15 minutes of one-on-one discussion with her. Receive free information based on your individual requirements. Click ‘Book Online’ above to book now.

POA – assessment required

Leg treatments are available to assist with oedema, cellulitis, cellulite, excess fibrous tissue and toxic accumulation. Firstly a body composition report will ensure this is the situation and can be used to show you the results you are gaining through the programs. 

Remember, Charmaine D understands this process and has utilised all requirements to move stagnant waste accumulation herself with great success.  Her passion is to help others understand morbid waste and regaining health in the tissue structure of your body matrix.  Dealing with inflammation requires her naturopathic skills and non-invasive techniques, or you will find yourself on a colloquially speaking “yo-yo” program with no results.

Assessment is vital to understand your situation – Click ‘Book Online’ above to book your free pre-assessment call online now.


BODY COMPOSITION REPORT utilising bio-impedance measures is vital and forms part of each body assessment.
POA – assessment required

Wanting to reduce: fat accumulation; adipose tissue reduction and reshaping your body where required. Firstly a body composition report will ensure this is the situations and can be used to show you the results you are gaining through the programs.

Charmaine D’s expertise in this area comes from 30 years experience and with her own personal challenges and success using her treatments protocols. Charmaine D has lost over 40 kilo’s herself and changed her body composition. Understanding all the reasons why it is challenging, due to her: naturopathic counselling; education and personal experiences; and life challenges. Over the past few years Charmaine D endeavoured to remove fat and fibrous tissue accumulation from her own stagnant body. Recognising stagnation was important and using the body composition analysis, allows you to see the results achieved. Charmaine D’s passion to learn how to overcome stagnation and fat accumulation, and the inability to move it has been a journey.  Charmaine D has developed treatments and protocols to provide assistance to move away from the colloquially speaking “yo-yo” scene and finally have support to gain results. If you’re ready to commit? 

Gain back you healthy tissue, assist with regaining life in those stagnant tissues, finally have support and assistance to lose some adipose tissue. Book your free pre-assessment phone call – Click ‘Book Online’ above to book now.

POA – assessment required

Stretched skin after weight loss or pregnancy, scarred tissue from past trauma, Charmaine D has bespoke programs.

Is it possible to regain strength in tissue that’s lost its strength and vitality?

Yes to a certain degree only.  Correct procedures are required using non-invasive techniques and utilising Charmaine D’s own personal experience and techniques. This includes diet requirements if they are suitable for you. Products used internally and externally daily, with weekly in clinic treatments. Combined in a specialised format to gain oxygen through circulation improvement and lymphatic movement. Stimulating new cell renewal, its exciting if you take the full process on board, and follow strict protocols.

Even if you think you want a nip n tuck, it’s important to strengthen the surrounding skin prior.

Booking and chatting with Charmaine D with a free pre-assessment phone call will provide all the knowledge to move forward in your bespoke treatment protocol developed and designated just for you  – Click ‘Book Online’ above to book now.



Packages available for all treatments. Full assessment consultation is required. 
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Unfortunately as a naturopath performing these treatments Charmaine D will not treat you without an assessment.  A full understanding is required to treat you with correct procedures. Enabling you to benefit from her knowledge and understand your requirements at home as well.

Without an assessment consultation Charmaine D is unable to offer her expert advise to you during your treatments.  Charmaine D’s knowledge is vast and will assist in advise to assist you to sustain your results. 

Full Assessment Consultation is $95 for 45 minutes.

Book your free pre-assessment phone call now with Charmaine D and she will assist in booking the correct assessment type for you.



Explanation of what you will gain at your assessment consultation with Charmaine D: 

  • Pre-intake consultation form will be emailed to you and once filled out, you press submit button, and it’s that easy.
  • Your consultation will be 45 minutes. Consisting of full body system overview and changes you may require. Ensuring we prioritise your requirements with your bodies ability.
  • You will be presented with a treatment protocol, using modern non-invasive equipment to assist in your condition.
  • Your MetaScan body composition and iridology will be booked in to ensure we can see results from your package.
  • Nutritional advice, utilising food as medicine for your particular condition will be provided by email over the course of your treatments as required.
  • External and internal protocols assisting with your condition will be provided. For example dry body brushing is it for you or not. Are specialised western herbal medicines required for you?
  • Contra indications are considered as high priority in choices made for you.
  • Synergy with your inside environment and stimulating the outside environment, utilising your skin tissue to create oxygen for life is a necessity and will be explained over your course of treatments.
  • Your great advantage is Charmaine D will be with you during your course of treatments and her naturopathic skills are there for you to tap into weekly.

Book your pre-assessment – Click ‘Book Online’ above to book now.


I don’t require treatments with Charmaine D but would like to utilise her naturopathic skills in this area is that possible?

You may also choose to use Charmaine D’s naturopathic skills to work Internally, and to understand your body processes, but have already decided on other treatments with other modalities, like other weight loss methods. This is also fine. Consultations are available to utilise Charmaine D’s naturopathic and life experiences without utilising her equipment or treatment protocols.




Below are the non-invasive machines utilised in Charmaine D’s protocols:

  • Biomesosculpture (mechanical lymphatic drainage) 
  • Ultra sonic Fat cavitation
  • Ice–wave Radio frequency
  • Sound wave infusions
  • Muscle toning

Remember it’s a combination of internal, and external environments to change and achieve results. Therefore, all equipment is used as an aid to assist, and not a standalone protocol.  For example: if you required assistance with fluid retention in your legs? Mechanical lymphatic drainage is a must in your protocol if indicated after your assessment. However if you were not provided with food as medicine, to assist this process, and a possible requirement also for lymphatic herbal medicines to aid in the process, your results may not be as beneficial. Bespoke programs are therefore a necessary protocol, and provide you with more holistic driven results.


MetaScan body composition is a pre–requirement for all body treatments. This allows you to see before and after results by providing you information: on your intra and extra cellular water; hydration levels; and if you are suffering hyper-hydration; inflammation; body fat mass; lean body mass; how healthy your body cells are tracking; and if you are on a path of healthy ageing.


Body composition can be done on its own without having treatments. Want to know more information on finding out your body composition and prices? Click ‘Book Online’ above to book your free pre-assessment phone call now.


Iridology provides yet another tool to assist in seeing what may be happening from a genetics level. Hypothetically it allows insight information to track past and present body situations that may be occurring like: lymphatic congestion; tolerance to treatments; liver and detoxification processes and your digestive health. All this needs to be considered in achieving results with ridding toxic accumulation or a stasis situation in your circulation

Click ‘Book Online’ above to book your free pre-assessment phone call and learn how iridology can assist you..



Below are the Body treatments available at Charmaine D’s clinic, when combined with assessments. 

Charmaine D offers therapeutic massage and has studied sports massage amongst other techniques with over 30 years experience

40-minute massage is $65

60-minute massage is $90

Massage treatments – available as requested.

Click ‘Book Online’ above to book your free pre-assessment phone call and learn how this equipment can assist your condition. 


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – technology with excellent proven results

Great for natural detoxification assistance

Conditions to assist with these treatments include: fluid retention; oedema; morbid waste accumulation; dimples and uneven skin; assist fibrous tissue elimination; skin lacking firmness; amongst many more.

Face lymphatic drainage includes benefits for: double chin; acne; rosacea and lifting.

Full body $115  /  Full body including face $135  /  Face and neck only $65

for assisting weight management.

$105 per treatment. Packages available for $450 for 5.


Improving sagging skin tone; Stretch marks, prevention and assistance.

$135 per treatment or package at $550 for 5.

However pre-assessment is required and normally a bespoke program developed using multiple machines and products to gain advantageous results.

Package prices available with sustainability as our focus.


for skin and body conditions with bespoke programs treating the whole body inside out and outside in.

$149 for full initial consultation fee for 75-minute consultation
$95 for body assessment for 45 minutes.

Click ‘Book Online’ above to book your free pre-assessment phone call and Charmaine D will suggest which consultation or assessment you require.

Charmaine D combines her naturopathic knowledge and empathetic understanding, with the Functional Medicine protocols now practiced by modern naturopaths.

Understanding environmental and genetic causations may hinder outcome results if not dealt with.

To gain insight and develop treatment protocols Charmaine D utilises: nutraceuticals; western herbal medicines from the Your Herbal Remedy Bar; flower essences; lifestyle advice; nutritional advice; massage and lymphatic drainage; In depth consultations; traditional evidenced and practice based modalities; diagnostic tools like iridology; food sensitivity and mineral testing amongst others; and with bio-impedance body testing.

Aiming to restore optimal health by assisting with concerns like:

  • Cell, tissue and organ health
  • Mitochondrial dysfunctions
  • Skin conditions (see skin section)
  • Hormonal disorders and regulation
  • Genetics epigenetics and autoimmunity
  • Gut health and digestive issues
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Thyroid and weight management
  • Immune boosting and Hay fever
  • Stress anxiety and depressive disorders
  • Memory loss fatigue insomnia
  • Aching joints and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Chronic pain

Naturopathy services initial consultation $ 149
Follow up one week later $65

Bespoke programs developed and continual consultations are developed on your sustainability – we work with you.