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What is a ‘Why You? Consult?

Charmaine naturapath

It’s 30 minutes of time gifted to you! A FREE consultation with Charmaine D Naturopath to help you discover where you lost your oxygen for life. It can be either a skin or health consultation – it’s your choice.

With over 35 years experience, Charmaine D is both a naturopath and skin guru, expert in seeking the answers to your health and skin concerns by asking the question “why you?”

Determined to find the root cause of your ailments and solve the mystery, Charmaine D will work towards relieving you of your pain and illness.

The ‘Why You?’ Consult can be held over the phone, via Zoom or in clinic.

* one free consult per person.

What does a ‘Why You? Consult Involve?

A 30 minute gift to you, enabling Charmaine D with her decades of experience to assist you towards regaining your oxygen for life by beginning this process:

Organising a timeline:

Events that have happened from birth until now that have affected or impacted your health condition today. Where did you lose your oxygen for life in your skin or body?

Xample statement developed

Bespoke to you, a statement that describes your condition (e.g. allergic reaction to an insect bite and have never been well since).

You – Why you?

Always asking “why you”? Charmaine D believes everyone reacts to things differently due to their individualised history, and getting to the core of why you reacted in a certain way is to understand fully your body and what it needs.

Generate a family history

Adding your family’s history to your timeline to go deeper in establishing ‘why you?’

Establish the core issue

Finding the root cause of your condition, big or small.

Now a plan of action

Once the core is established, it’s time to think forward and create a plan.

This process can start during your free 30 minute session, and can continue with in-clinic or online sessions.

For a more in-depth look into Charmaine D’s theory of Oxygen for Life, read her blog here.

So, Why is it FREE?

Charmaine naturapath

So, why would Charmaine give away 30 minutes of her time to you? After spending 5 years gaining her Bachelor Degree in Naturopathy, and with over 30 years experience in the industry, Charmaine has seen the lack of knowledge in society about her field. She believes naturopathy, for many, is not the go-to modality for health and healing.

Charmaine believes that after a 30 minute ‘Why You?’ Consultation, she will be able to show her philosophy of ‘do no harm’, as well as her unique approach of internal and external focus.

The truth is, Charmaine cares and genuinely wants to assist you.

You can choose to have someone on your side, fighting for your health. Because in meeting Charmaine, you know you’ll always have someone in your corner.

Book your FREE 30 minute consultation today and let me discover ‘why you?’