Have you lost your oxygen for life? Your zest for life? The pep in your step? And if so, how? Do you have the ability to approach your medical practitioners to gain a better understanding of your health and why it’s not as you wish it to be? Read on if this is of interest to you.

The secret to a brighter, healthier future is looking back over your timeline to find where you may have lost your oxygen for life. Now is the time to take responsibility for your future to ensure your health, your oxygen for life, can flow through your mind, body and spirit.

Charmaine D understands. Her oxygen for life has been lost many times over throughout her life span. By investigating and researching her family background, illnesses, operations, how she was raised and how she lost her own identity and applying her genetics and epigenetics understanding she is now finally in the process of reclaiming her own life and regaining her oxygen for life.

This is Charmaine’s story – what’s yours?

We will start with this – and finish with it:

Charmaine D is not your body and skin saviour – that’s you. Rather, she is the investigator that can bring together your past, present, looking towards your future, and finding your suitable pathway to assist your health so that you can do the saving.

Charmaine D can assist you in finding the source of how and where you lost your oxygen for life. Through personalised consultation, investigation, research, discovery and application of your personal circumstances with your genetic and epigenetic background in mind, she can hypothetically pinpoint areas of concern along your timeline, from conception to present, and evaluate where you may have lost your oxygen for life. From here, an individualised program can be developed to rediscover and regain what you’ve lost.

Health concerns, big and small, all stem from the oxygen you have for life. So answer this question;

Why wouldn’t you see a naturopath? Charmaine D is someone who doesn’t just diagnose a condition, but rather searches for the root issue, the cause behind the symptoms. She won’t prescribe you with something to smother or cover up the problem, but rather get right to it, learn about it, understand it and assist in solving it or supporting it. Pinpointing not only why you’ve lost your oxygen for life, but why you?

Seeing a naturopath provides a completely holistic approach to assist the healing process, to better understand what is actually happening to you and why. It may only take one or two consultations with Charmaine D to gain a better understanding of yourself and what went wrong with your personal oxygen for life.  This then can make working with medical professionals easier for you, as you have the knowledge and power to know what you need and how they can help. Working hand-in-hand with a naturopath, like Charmaine D, and a medical professional  may combine the best of both worlds for you and make for a comprehensive and integrated approach to your health journey.

Charmaine D, as most naturopaths are, has a government accredited  Bachelor of Health Science degree in Naturopathy, a health professional in her own right – is this how you see them?

A professional in her field, a naturopath such as Charmaine D can assist you in determining where your oxygen for life went, and guide you to ask the right questions from other medical professionals. The answer to your health concerns is not “it’s just the way you are”. Charmaine can dive deeper. Acne – why you? Rosacea – why you? Psoriasis eczema – why you? Constipation or diarrhoea – why you? Allergies, intolerances or sensitivities – why you? Any condition, acute or chronic, Charmaine asks “why you?”

Before a consultation, Charmaine provides you with an in-depth, thorough consultation form to fill out. This is so, prior to meeting with her clients (client, not patient!), she can piece together the jigsaw puzzle of your timeline and find out when your oxygen for life may have become dysfunctional. Which means when you attend her clinic or have a telehealth consultation, the investigation process has already begun, and you are able to dive right in on the specific healthcare plan that may assist you.

Charmaine D believes oxygen is a key factor with all of her clients’ various ailments – why is their oxygen not as it should be?

She believes this so firmly that her skincare range, Cell Defence, focuses on bringing oxygen to the skin tissue, creating life and energy for the skin cell receptors. For more information on this, see our blog on Plant Stem Cells, antiaging, oxygen for cell renewal and many more over the upcoming months.

At the core of all Charmaine’s naturopathy work is the focus on where has the homeostasis – the balance of organs functioning together – gone wrong. Why you? What’s happening? Every tissue and organ in the body is dependent on oxygen to function effectively. Therefore, oxygen homeostasis is maybe the critical element to everyone’s health. Whether it’s hyperoxia (over oxygenation) or hypoxia (under oxygenation), it all creates oxygen dysfunction, leading to issues with your health.

With COVID-19 as our new reality, we have all been witness to when dysfunctional oxygen levels can create ill health. It affects people in different ways depending on the core of the person’s health at the time. Our oxygen levels control us and our health, so learning about oxygen for life with Charmaine D can open our eyes and answer our unanswered questions.

Questioning is at the epicentre of all Charmain D’s naturopathic work. It can determine what happened and why. For example, when working with weight management – is it actually about stagnation, and why? How can we turn it around? Or when working with skin and the lymphatic system, Is it stagnation? How is the blood and lymph carrying oxygen and waste through the body and eliminating it? Is it eliminating the by-products of cellular energy or respiratory energy? Is there a bacterial or viral toxic release? If yes, is this decreasing your oxygen for life and, therefore, lowering the level of oxygen in your body?

For more in-depth information about Charmaine D’s passion, the lymphatic system and how stagnation plays a huge role, see her future blogs.

Consider the following;

With every breath, oxygen is carried through the lungs to the capillaries and then ultimately into the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the oxygen is fused to the protein haemoglobin and diffuses into tissue for energy and nutrients. The oxygen delivered to your cells is balanced with just the right amount of myoglobin present to distribute the ideal amount of oxygen.

  • The oxygen fused to each molecule of haemoglobin is referred to as haemoglobin saturation
  • Each of these haemoglobin molecules are able to carry four molecules of oxygen
  • Oxyhaemoglobin is formed by the binding of oxygen to haemoglobin
  • Deoxyhaemoglobin is when haemoglobin is not bound to oxygen

Hypoxia is defined by a deficient amount of oxygen reaching the tissues and is characterised by inflamed, injured or infected tissue. With reduced levels of nutrients and oxygen, immune cells are then able to penetrate the tissues. Environments of low-oxygen are a breeding ground for most bacteria and viruses. This can occur for many reasons, including but not limited to; ageing, stress, sleep apnea, smoking, sedentary living, high intensity exercise. Oxygen levels play a crucial role in many of our bodily functions and ailments such as; mood and mental health, inflammatory bowel disease, learning and memory issues, hormonal imbalances, immunity, type 2 diabetes and headaches. There is also evidence that indicates the weakened muscle tissue, impairing oxygen metabolism, affects the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia.

As mentioned above, an imbalance between oxygen level and demand is known as hypoxia. The oxygen level required for standard physiologic processes is known as normoxia. And hyperoxia is the state of elevated oxygen levels.

The disassociation we have with our body’s health is where Charmaine D steps in. Where in your timeline did you lose track of your health? And how is this connected to self love?

With the absence of self love comes the need to draw that love from external sources – usually other people. This means maybe your life’s oxygen is no longer coming from within. Loving others before loving yourself may be detrimental to your health and the oxygen of your life. Where in your time-line did you lose your self love?

Before diving further into self love, let’s get back to oxygen in health and disease.

Cellular function is determined by the level of oxygen in your cells so let’s look more closely at the crucial role of oxygen for health.

This lack of oxygen may be causing a stagnation in your cells, tissues, organs and whole-body function. Why is this happening to you? Have you ever stopped to think “why me?” What is it your body is struggling with? Lack of blood flow? Is it stagnation, broken capillaries, rosacea, histamines? Lack of nutrients in your blood? Is it malabsorption? You may not be getting the benefits of the food you eat. Removal of waste products, kidneys, liver, gut function, bowels, respiratory, endocrine, the list goes on..

It would be unusual for you not to feel overwhelmed. This is why a naturopath like Charmaine D is essential on your health journey. Someone who doesn’t just diagnose your condition, but helps you find the core issue and pinpoints the moment you may have lost your oxygen for life.

A huge contributing factor of our body’s health and mental wellbeing is the food we are consuming. What goes into your food? What does your body excrete (process of elimination)? And what happens in between (digestive system)? If what goes into your body is insufficient, or what comes out is insufficient then what happens in between will also be insufficient. This combined with genetics, epigenetics, life, balance, acid alkaline balance, movement, sleep, nutritional values and more is the recipe for assisting health concerns and a possible lack of oxygen for life.

Let’s use food as medicine. What might we need more of? Less of? Why does movement help? And what kind of movement do our bodies actually need? Why does overexertion make it worse?

How can we overcome the neurotransmitters that have gone wrong? How can we balance couch-potato with athlete? What has triggered the imbalance and how can a naturopath help?

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer to any question asked in this blog, because you are you, solely (and soul-ly) you. Spiritual, physically, we meet you where you are at, no judgement, just you. There is no one machine or test or blood sample that can determine why it is you who has been on your individual health journey. But rather, in-depth consultations, follow ups, a holistic approach to your health care journey and an individualised plan, curated by a professional who cares.

Throughout this blog we have touched on many of the possible reasons for oxygen for life depletion, but there are still so many more; exogenous imbalances, environmental disturbances (mould, dust, pesticides), hormones, emotional disturbances (good emotions and challenging situations). It is all so complicated. So let’s uncomplicate it. Let’s work with people who can help you dissect the complex causes and help you to move forward. But how do you know who you should listen to and figure out what you need to know? Mediators such as Charmaine D can help to balance the nutrition, delivery systems, elimination systems and bring it all together to aid your overall health. To help you understand that within you is the ability to assist your healing and the ability to control what happens to you, from plate to toilet.

Are you wanting to conceive? Pregnant? Just had a baby? Infant, child, teenager, young adult health? Early 20s? 25-35? 35-45? 45-55? 55-65? Over 65? Then ask yourself “what can Charmaine D do to assist me?”

Have you been diagnosed with an acute disorder? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic disorder? Then ask yourself “what can Charmaine D do to assist me?”

Do you have a multi-system dysfunction? Persistent respiratory condition? Persistent gut condition? Persistent iron deficiency? Are you lethargic? Lacking energy? Is your skin ageing? Then ask yourself “what can Charmaine D do to assist me?”

Charmaine D is not your body and skin saviour – that’s you. Rather, she is the investigator that can bring together your past, present, looking towards your future, and finding your suitable pathway to assist your health so that you can do the saving.

So ask yourself “what can Charmaine D do to assist me?”