“If exercise could be packed in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” – Robert N. Butler, M.D. Former Director, National Institute on Aging

Exercise can help break insulin resistance. However, not on its own. A balanced diet, minimising stress, quality sleep, and various other things must also be included in the move towards breaking insulin resistance.

The single most effective exercise to assist with insulin resistance is resistance training. If done consistently, resistance training will drastically improve our insulin

If you are someone who over-exercises (or has in the past), then it is likely you too are insulin resistant, as over-exercise is a stress on the body causing it to resist insulin. Our bodies are built to adjust and save us. It also has memories, so when we have been insulin resistant before, it will try and save us every time it feels like we need saving.

Breaking this mould is important.

Setting goals that are realistic is important.

The glucose stimulated by insulin is sent to skeletal muscle, which are the muscles used to control almost all of your movement. This not only creates energy during exercise but also helps with post-exercise recovery, fat-free mass gain and overall energy balance. Consistent, regular exercise causes our anatomy and physiology to change and adapt, providing defence mechanisms for the prevention and treatment of diseases. This is considered a chronic adaptation. The acute changes after exercise is also important to consider. The prolonged acute effect of exercise on insulin sensitivity can last up to 72 hours. Exercise, therefore, should be prescribed as the first-line defence to cardiometabolic diseases (such as type 2 diabetes) before pharmaceutical intervention. It is believed the acute effect plays a more important role to combat insulin resistance.

All of this can be considered as exercise as medicine.

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