“Unlocking the Secrets of Plant Stem Cell Skincare: The Cell Defence Revolution”


Plant stem cells in skincare have begun to surge in popularity due to its overwhelmingly positive results, and Cell Defence is at the forefront of this new technology. Thoughtfully curated by Naturopath, Charmaine D, alongside the brains of a brilliant man, Cell Defence is a high performing, botanically based skin care program, formulated with an understanding and belief of the concepts that plant ingredients are safer, gentler and better for human health than synthetic chemicals. By using her knowledge as a naturopath and her 25 years of working in the skin industry, Charmaine D created a skincare range that utilisted the plants natural abilities to work synergistically alongside our own skin to create a harmony that chemical-based products can’t.


Plant stem cells are generated in the meristems of plants and are available first hand if the live plant is damaged. Amazingly, like human stem cells, plant stem cells have the ability to self-heal.  By using plant stem cells synergistically with many other ingredients, we can give your skin the 3 R’s; repair, rebalance and restore. Through modern stem cell science, infused with the ancient wisdom of phytotherapy, we are able to deliver the highest level of plant essences in a truly pure skin care experience.


One of the challenges within the cosmetic industry is how to deliver these plant cells into the skin for optimal benefits. Although one cannot claim that ‘transfollicular penetration’ is effective, Cell Defence has introduced a groundbreaking program which involves tapping the skin to enhance the absorption of these stem cells in the hair follicles and skin, promoting better penetration and efficacy.


The essential cells responsible for all epidermal cell renewal over your lifetime are the stem cells found deep within your hair follicles. These follicles may be large or small and are often known at the skin’s surface as ‘pores’. These pores are the mouth of the vital reservoirs of regenerative life for your skin and the opening to the larger and more complex pilosebaceous organ known simply as the follicle. Like a sponge, the face and scalp skin has more follicle penetrations (pores) than the entire body of skin; with an average of 800 follicles per cm2 (approximately 900,000 tiny follicle organs). Nestled deep in these crucibles, the stem cells are responsible for skin renewal, skin pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and wound healing. This is why penetrating these follicles is an effective approach to proper absorption of plant stem cell skincare.


Additionally, the molecular structure of the product is also of importance. The finer the molecular structure, the more success you will have with penetrating the skin. It is therefore important to note that if these plant stem cells were in a cream-based product, as opposed to Cell Defence’s serum-based formula, then their ability to penetrate would be drastically reduced.  The Cell Defence skincare range, plus the mode in which Charmaine D applies it – through oxygen-based tapping – allows for optimal transfollicular penetration, and therefore optimal benefits.


Many ancient practices recognised the benefits of plants in skincare. Plant stem cells, especially those derived from lilac, have recently gained more attention for their remarkable properties. These stem cells have the potential to regulate telomere length, promote skin cell renewal and enhance the skin’s defence mechanisms against sun and ageing damage. The challenge, however, is in delivering the benefits through topical administration due to the skin’s natural barrier functions. As the body’s largest organ, the skin acts as a shield against external factors. Traditionally, it was believed that percutaneous absorption occurred primarily through the stratum corneum, however, recent research is emphasising the importance of hair follicles as potential pathways for penetration.


The tapping technique introduced by Cell Defence takes into account the imperfections within the skin, including hair follicles, sweat glands and microlesions into the interfollicular layer. These imperfections can act as vertical pathways for percutaneous absorption, allowing for transfollicular delivery. Research is showing us that various body regions exhibit differences in hair follicle size and density, providing unique opportunities for follicular penetration. By utilising the tapping technique, we aim to leverage these variations, enhancing the absorption of plant stem cells into the skin.


Stem cells from both plants, animals or humans, play a crucial role in regeneration processes. While human stem cells are challenging and expensive to source, plant stem cells offer a rich source of antioxidants and amino acids, and are more easily available. Although unable to cure skin diseases, plant stem cells have demonstrated an ability to reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, prevent wrinkles, and protect the skin from environmental factors. Maintaining an overall high-level of skin health and vibrance. 


Cell Defence has an extensive range of plant stem cells available, such as lilac, argan, apple and gotu kola, all of which provide diverse benefits. These clinically tested stem cells have shown improvements in skin tone, hydration, and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.


As we age, our skin cells age with us, leading to signs of ageing like dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Plant stem cells, with their ability to self-renew, and resist ageing processes, offer us a promising solution. They contain up to 1,000 times the antioxidants found in other botanical extracts, promoting collagen synthesis, cell renewal and reducing photoageing. 


The current research into plant-derived stem cell extracts indicates there is potential for a replacement of damaged skin cells, rather than just a repair. Ongoing research continues to explore the efficacy of many plant stem cell extracts and sparks our hope for the future of plant stem cell technology. 


Cell Defence’s tapping technique represents a significant step forward in the efficacy and healing potential of plant stem cells in skincare. By providing a holistic approach to skincare, addressing the challenges of penetration and harnessing the potential of these remarkable botanical extracts, Charmaine D hopes to assist people with their skin health and vibrancy.


As the skincare industry continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest advancements in plant-derived stem cell research is crucial for making optimal treatment choices. And this is a promise made by Charmaine D of Cell Defence that she will continue to search and learn in order to stay at the forefront of the plant stem cell skincare revolution. For more information, head over to celldefence.com.au or make a consultation with Naturopath Charmaine D to be guided through a bespoke skincare regime for you and how her tapping technique and optimise the potential of your skin health.